The first Brunkullan tea was blended in 1977, using a secret recipe written by my mother, Anita Gulliksson. Like me, she found her inspiration from the north of Sweden, in the scenery and traditions of the mountainous county of Jämtland.

She named the tea Brunkullan, the Black Vanilla Orchid, after the rare county flower of Jämtland. Brunkullan still makes pure, fine teas. It’s also wonderful to be able to offer organic teas that keeps the passion and traditional good taste alive.

Perhaps it sounds ambitious, but we would like to think it’s possible to change the world for the better through gastronomy. A true gastronome always cares about the links between the plate and the planet, and takes responsibility for any effects on mother earth. We pack and distribute most of our teas in Jämtland, Sweden.

BRUNKULLAN® is an organic certified producer/retailer in accordance with SE-EKO-01.

”Slow down - enjoy a cup of tea!”
Fia Gulliksson – second generation tea-maker